10 Reasons to Watch Chinese Dramas and Movies


Are you familiar with Chinese dramas? Or are you only familiar with Korean dramas? Whenever you want to try something new or want to see different cultures and interesting movies, then you should try out Chinese dramas and movies. If you are familiar with dramas and love to watch how the dramas and the stories unfold, then you should try out fancy Chinese dramas.

Watching dramas can be fun, what’s more, it is always fun to talk about the dramas, discuss the ending of each movie, and read out the fan theories that leave you questioning the movie itself. Looking for a Chinese drama discussion, review, and ending discussion, as well as a translation of the Chinese novels? Then you would have come to the right place here.

Reasons Why You Should Watch Chinese Dramas and Movies

Watching dramas and movies can be a fun activity, not only to watch while you are alone and bored, but you can watch them together with your friends and family. Many different genres and stories could be enjoyed, from romance, mysteries, slice of life, historical dramas, costume dramas, comedy, and many more genres that could be explored in Chinese dramas.

Furthermore, watching dramas could also be beneficial for mental health, and give you more expression, as well as exposure to Chinese culture. So, here are a few reasons and benefits of watching Chinese dramas and movies.

1.      It is fun and addictive to watch dramas

Watching dramas can be fun, and also very addictive, especially when you are watching together with your friends. It is great to watch addictive dramas, especially when watching fun and comedic dramas. Many popular dramas are addictive and can be watched together with your friends.

When you are bored and don’t have anything to do, then watching new dramas, and movie series can be a great way to spend your time.

2.      It is an easy, cheap, and comfortable activity

When watching Chinese dramas, you can watch from many sources, including television, and online streaming platforms. Regardless, thanks to the internet, now it is very easy, and cheap to watch Chinese dramas, not only that it can be a comfortable way to get movies and dramas regardless of your platform.

3.      Great way to spend time with your family and friends

Watching Chinese drama together with your family and friends can be a great way to help chill and relax together. It is a great way to bond together with your friends and family, depending on the type, genre, and movies that are suitable for movies that you could watch together. The best type of movies to watch together such as the comedic, and slice-of-life dramas.

4.      Great way to spend free time

Whenever you are in your free time, or in a bad mood, then you might want to check out new dramas. It is a great way to spend your free time, and finishing one episode of drama usually takes more than 30 to 60 minutes. Whenever you are free or looking for something to do over the weekend, then how about laying back, chilling, relaxing, and setting up your Chinese drama home theater?

5.      Giving you exposure to the Chinese culture

Even if you don’t understand a bit about Chinese culture and language, by watching Chinese dramas and movies, you could better understand how Chinese culture, how Chinese people live every day in their lives, and how the history behind Chinese culture. It provides more insight into Chinese culture, and we can learn more and more as we watch further.

6.      You could learn more about Chinese actors and actress

When watching Chinese dramas, you could learn more about various Chinese actors, and actresses, what kind of roles they have played so far, and what movies they play the most. Some actors and actresses are also prominently featured in many genres of Chinese dramas. Who knows, you might discover some new Chinese idols while watching random Chinese dramas.

You also get insight into the actor or actress’s performance, and how they are acting in each of the movies, performing the best in each genre.

7.      Listening and Watching dramas are great ways to learn the language

Do you want to learn Chinese or Mandarin, even if you don’t have much training in Mandarin, when you watch Chinese dramas and movies, you would be exposed to the Mandarin language, and Chinese characters. It would be an excellent way to passively train your Mandarin, even when you aren’t aware of it.

It is essentially letting your hearing sense be more accustomed, and reflect on it passively, then remembering it even when you aren’t aware that you are learning Mandarin.

8.      Watching dramas can soothe your mood and relieve anxiety

It is a relaxing activity, and watching dramas could soothe your mood, relieve your anxiety, and calm your mind. It proves to have positive effects on the mood, making you less stressed, and generally leaving you in a better mood.

When you are in bad mood, you could try out comedic drama, lighthearted comedy, or slice-of-life action in the dramas.

9.      Watching dramas can be beneficial for mental health

Many people don’t realize that watching dramas can be beneficial for your mental health. Not only does it let you be more expressive, but it also trains you to be more empathetic toward others, toward how other people feel, and towards how the actors or actress feels.

As you learn more about the story and the movie by themselves, not only you will get entertained, but it would also greatly benefit your mood and mental health.

10.  You might want to try out new genres

When watching Chinese dramas, you might want to try out seeing new dramas and genres. Everyone has their favorite dramas, and each person has their taste. Watching Chinese dramas can be a great way to find out new genres, or new preferences that you might like, and discover something new in the movies, and dramas.