Why Watching Dramas and Movies are Addictive

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Dramas and movies can be quite addictive things to watch, while at the same time, providing escapism for people who just want to relax, enjoy, and see more inspiring, more adventurous scenes in their life instead of just boring plain old life. There are some reasons why watching movies and dramas could be addictive and sometimes can cause you few adverse effects both positive and negative effects.

Have you ever wondered, how you could sit back and watch dramas unfold, and when you haven’t realized it, you would have already spent more than 12 hours sitting and watching dramas all along, wasting one season of dramas in one sitting as well? This means, that watching dramas might have already been your addiction as well.

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Reasons Why Watching Dramas Can Be Quite Addictive

When watching dramas and movies that you truly loved, sometimes you would just lose the track of time, Watching from dawn to dusk, and without realizing it, watching more than two seasons already in one sitting. This might be something that many people could relate to when watching their favorite movies, and TV series, including dramas, and many more.

There are many reasons why watching dramas can be a quite addictive activity, this includes the entertainment that you get from dramas, inspiration, and many more. Experts have already done much extensive research regarding how watching dramas and moves could harm health, as well as how addicting they could be.

So, here are a few reasons why watching dramas can be quite addictive such as:

·         Movies and drama can be very entertaining

Movies and drama themselves are entertainment, which means that they are created, written, and produced to fulfill the demand for entertainment, not to mention the variety of genres, and entertainment itself in its movies. This is why it can be quite addictive because movies essentially are designed to entertain, and how you can watch them all day long when you like the movies.

However, it all depends on the different genres that you have watched, as well as what kind of movie titles you have watched.

·         Dramas and TV Series are designed in episodes

Have you ever wondered, why a lot of dramas and TV series are created, and then separated per episode, and each season of the drama consists of around 12 to 24 episodes? Each episode usually is 30 to 60 minutes long, and with 12 episodes, it is approximately around 12 hours of watching time.

Even though 12 hours long watching time is very long, you haven’t felt tired at all when you watch in one sitting, have you ever wondered about that? This is mostly because it is separated into each episode, and each episode sometimes ended up with a cliffhanger, making us thirst to watch the continuities of dramas, and ended up watching more and more until the ending.

·         It is relaxing, fun, and chill to watch movies

Watching movies are relaxing, and fun activity, especially if it is comedic movies where you could just burst out laughing. It is also a good way to spend time with your friends and family, while not having to worry about anything. This quality time, spending time watching comedic dramas with your friends and family can sometimes be addictive.

·         Watching thrilling dramas can be quite addictive due to the adrenaline

Some people are also addicted to watching a thriller, or horror movie, they enjoy the thrill and pumping up adrenaline in their heads. Adrenaline would also then cause Dopamine production, and Dopamine is a hormone that causes happiness and relaxation. This is why even though adrenaline-pumping movies can induce fear and thrill, people could still enjoy them thoroughly.

There are also many other reasons why watching movies and dramas could be thrilling, and addictive activities. Watching movies, playing games, or basically, any other entertainment is designed to give you a thrill, sometimes escapism, and give you a reason to watch more.