10 Best Chinese Romance Dramas to Watch On The Go

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Do you want to know more about Chinese dramas? Or wanting to know the best and top rated Chinese dramas from all Chinese dramas from all genres available to you, and then you would have come to the right place here then. Not only that, we also have movies review, ending explanation, and our honest recommendations on the Best Chinese romance dramas of the year.

If you are bored, looking for the best entertainment, or want for best recommendation on Chinese drama, then you would like to see our lists below here. Now, if you like to know more about Chinese dramas, from the different genres, different types of movies, and even movies from Chinese, Korean, and Japanese, then you would have come to the right place.

We have all sorts of genres for Chinese dramas, and soap operas, from Horror drama, comedy, action, mystery, historical, and Chinese Romance Dramas. All of the newest dramas, from 2022 through 2023, and the upcoming dramas, or TV series that we have reviewed, and 100% free of too much spoilers, as we have carefully wrote on avoiding any major spoiler.

10 Best Chinese Romance Dramas to watch on the go

If you love to watch Chinese dramas, especially romance dramas, then you would have come to the right place here. See also our other articles to know more about the Best romance in Chinese dramas, the best couple of romance dramas, and one of the most popular actors, and actresses that you might not know about, and their facts.

If you want to watch the best Chinese romance dramas on the go, or when you are bored, so here are the 10 best Chinese dramas in the romance genre.

  • “Eternal Love”

”Eternal Love also well known as the Drama: Ten Mile of Peach Blossom, is a very popular Chinese romance, with a fantasy background. It has millions of followers and a growing fanbase all over the world.

The story begins with a couple that fell in love, and they have been falling in love for thousands of years ago. Through decades of hardships and tribulations, they would go on to have various trials that will test their mettle and ultimately their love.

  • “Ashes of Love”

If you love fantasy romance love dramas like Eternal Love, you might also love the idea of Ashes of Love. It is an adaptation drama from the popular novel Ashes of Loves. It tells the story of a human couple, when their love and relationship are being tested, and ultimately try to prove that they are indeed in ultimate love.

It has light-hearted comedy, a warm storyline, and an engaging story that can make many people from all around the age gap, and still new to Chinese dramas could learn and loved it.

  • “The Legends”

It is a Chinese historical, detective, mystery, and romance storyline, that many people adore. It follows the story of a Chinese historical drama, a young woman who dedicated herself to becoming a detective, and while she is on the case, she fell in love with the mysterious young man, and how their stories unfold over time.

  • “My Love from the Star”

It is quite a popular romance drama, about the story of an extraterrestrial creature, or an Alien that comes to the earth by accident, and then on the way, he fell in love with the Actress. How they could meet, and how they overcome loves trouble and tribulation. It is a light-hearted romantic comedy with a bit of insight and an engaging storyline.

  • “Love O2O””

If you want a light-hearted romance comedy drama, then you would love to watch the Love O2O. It follows the story of college students, who only play video games, and would have been an expert in E-Sports. However, he fell in love with one particular player he met, and would then meet up to see how she is in real life.

  • “The Untamed”

Many fans of romance fantasy drama would fall in love with this one. It is the adaptation of the famous romance web novel, and it follows the story of a young man that comes from a very different world, with very existing ideas, and how they could meet up with the love of his life.

  • “The Love Knot: His Excellency First Love”

It is a Chinese historical romance drama that follows the story of a young woman who is trying to go in into a Confucian scholar, and then disguising himself to study to become a renowned scholar. However, the prince, noticing something strange with this woman, then would go on to investigate this particularly brilliant new student.

  • “The Pillow Book”

If you have watched “Eternal Love” then this drama is for you, as this is the spin-off story of the former dramas. It doesn’t mean that it is a direct continuation, however, the story still takes place in the universe of Eternal Love, with many subtle, or less subtle characters appearing in this spin-off story.

  • “The King’s Woman”

If you love the historical settings, with the bit of court, and political intrigue, then you would also love the idea of this romantic historical story. It follows the story of famous generals of China, who are famous for their wit, strategy, and stoic characters in battle. However, he fell in love with the court woman, but with many different ideologies, and political interests.

It is an interesting love story, with a side of political dramas, and historical background, with an engaging storyline.

  • “Love Destiny”

It is a Chinese Romance drama that follows the story of a couple who has been destined to be together, but somehow they can butthead with each other, and conflict. They are faced with many trials, and tribulations, and how the story of them could be destined together would be seen here.

That’s all of the 10 recommended Chinese romance dramas that would be perfect to watch on boring weekend days, or want to watch something on the go when you are on a plane, bus, or train.