The Popularity Of Chinese Drama


If you love watching movies and dramas, and seeing many different genres as well as types of movies, then you might already be familiar with Korean dramas, right? But what about Chinese dramas? Have you ever heard about Chinese dramas? Or any popular title of Chinese dramas such as Love Like The Galaxy, The Romance Of A Little Forest, or Unchained Love?

If you are still unfamiliar with Chinese dramas and have only heard a bit about Chinese drama, but love watching movies, and dramas, then you should try out Chinese drama. In this article, we are going to show you the popularity of Chinese drama itself, and the rise of its Chinese drama, from the telenovela to popular movies that you can watch on your TV, Amazon Prime or Netflix.

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The Insight Behind The Popularity of Chinese Drama

In recent years, the popularity of Chinese dramas, movies, and TV series has been surging in popularity, both in China itself and on the international stage. Most of the time, this is due to the online streaming platforms such as iQIYI, Amazon Prime and Netflix that allows broader people to obtain, enjoy and watch Chinese dramas in a very easy, cheap, and faster way.

Many people can now enjoy more Chinese dramas and movies wherever, and whenever they like, without needing to purchase a physical copy such as a CD or DVD back then. It also allows for more widespread audiences and accessibility all over the world. Digitalized content enabling Chinese dramas to be enjoyed, however, comes with new different problems, such as piracy.

What makes Chinese drama itself popular also comes from within the set of their movies and dramas itself, as Chinese dramas have distinct characteristics, and differ from any other kind of drama, including Korean, and Japanese dramas. Chinese dramas are well known to feature elaborate costumes, especially in historical setting dramas.

It also features a lot of Chinese culture, history, and a bit of political insight into the Chinese culture itself. It offers audiences broad settings of Chinese historical dramas, while at the same time featuring more intricate storylines, colorful costumes, and settings, as well as stories that are sometimes derived from Chinese folklore and mythological stories.

What Makes Them Famous Internationally?

In international settings, especially in the world of entertainment, dramas, and movies, it has been dominated by few other industries such as Hollywood, and Korean dramas, but lately, with the growing industries of Chinese dramas, as well as the deep culture behind them, the popularity of Chinese dramas has been surging lately in the world settings.

A lot of factors can be considered when talking about what makes Chinese dramas can become famous internationally, and each drama also comes from different IPs, genres, different titles, and different houses of production, so when putting about Chinese dramas, we can safely say, which one is more famous, and which one is the classical ones.

A lot of people also enjoy Chinese drama because they want to immerse themselves in Chinese culture and history, and it is an excellent way to learn more about Chinese history, and the culture behind it, well, while also enjoying the beautiful, intricate storyline of Chinese dramas.

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