The Popularity Of Chinese Drama


If you love watching movies and dramas, and seeing many different genres as well as types of movies, then you might already be familiar with Korean dramas, right? But what about Chinese dramas? Have you ever heard about Chinese dramas? Or any popular title of Chinese dramas such as Love Like The Galaxy, The Romance Of A Little Forest, or Unchained Love?

If you are still unfamiliar with Chinese dramas and have only heard a bit about Chinese drama, but love watching movies, and dramas, then you should try out Chinese drama. In this article, we are going to show you the popularity of Chinese drama itself, and the rise of its Chinese drama, from the telenovela to popular movies that you can watch on your TV, Amazon Prime or Netflix.

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The Insight Behind The Popularity Ff Chinese Drama

In recent years, the popularity of Chinese dramas, movies, and TV series has been surging in popularity, both in China itself and on the international stage. Most of the time, this is due to the online streaming platforms such as iQIYI, Amazon Prime and Netflix that allows broader people to obtain, enjoy and watch Chinese dramas in a very easy, cheap, and faster way.

Many people can now enjoy more Chinese dramas and movies wherever, and whenever they like, without needing to purchase a physical copy such as a CD or DVD back then. It also allows for more widespread audiences and accessibility all over the world. Digitalized content enabling Chinese dramas to be enjoyed, however, comes with new different problems, such as piracy.

What makes Chinese drama itself popular also comes from within the set of their movies and dramas itself, as Chinese dramas have distinct characteristics, and differ from any other kind of drama, including Korean, and Japanese dramas. Chinese dramas are well known to feature elaborate costumes, especially in historical setting dramas.

It also features a lot of Chinese culture, history, and a bit of political insight into the Chinese culture itself. It offers audiences broad settings of Chinese historical dramas, while at the same time featuring more intricate storylines, colorful costumes, and settings, as well as stories that are sometimes derived from Chinese folklore and mythological stories.

What Makes Them Famous Internationally?

In international settings, especially in the world of entertainment, dramas, and movies, it has been dominated by few other industries such as Hollywood, and Korean dramas, but lately, with the growing industries of Chinese dramas, as well as the deep culture behind them, the popularity of Chinese dramas has been surging lately in the world settings.

A lot of factors can be considered when talking about what makes Chinese dramas can become famous internationally, and each drama also comes from different IPs, genres, different titles, and different houses of production, so when putting about Chinese dramas, we can safely say, which one is more famous, and which one is the classical ones.

A lot of people also enjoy Chinese drama because they want to immerse themselves in Chinese culture and history, and it is an excellent way to learn more about Chinese history, and the culture behind it, well, while also enjoying the beautiful, intricate storyline of Chinese dramas.

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How Technology Changes Our Way to Watch Dramas


Do you love watching dramas? Seeing dramas and movies on your device, laptop, or television sure seems a fun way to spend your time, right? Dramas, including Chinese dramas, Korean dramas, Japanese dramas, telenovelas, and many more, there are a lot of different categories of each drama, each with its distinct art and characteristics.

When watching dramas, have you realized how technology could have an impact on how you watch dramas? How you could watch dramas on your smartphone, whereas in the 2000s smartphones doesn’t exist, and generally it would be very hard to procure and watch dramas anytime and anywhere.

How Technology and Innovation Change Our Way to Watch Dramas

Have you ever wondered how dramas have developed over the years? How dramas move from theatrical settings to the cinema, turn into movies, and then are made into modern dramas that we could watch anytime and anywhere on our devices. Over the years, much innovation enabled more people to watch dramas, enabling more people to comfortably see, watch and enjoy dramas.

In this article, we are going to show you how technology changes our way to watch dramas and the development of technology that enables us to watch dramas on our smartphones.

The Earliest Way to Watch Dramas

To start on how technology changes our way to watch dramas, we need to know first about the earliest way to watch dramas. Dramas itself is quite an ancient play. Dramas or role-play is an art where people would play their distinct roles, it has storylines that differ from each play.

The earliest known dramas come from the historical Persian drama, and over time each place and civilization would develop its dramas. Chinese develop their Chinese theatrical, with the distinct Chinese opera song, and intricate customs. Japanese develop their elegant dramas, including Kabuki, dramas for people.

·         Theatrical stage to recorded movies

The theatrical stage is also the earliest form of drama. The theatrical stage would play on many different forms of dramas, including the opera play, and their own distinct story of dramas. An example of a very popular theatrical drama such the Great Gatsby from western dramas.

The theatrical drama stage’s golden age is approximately around the 17th to 20th centuries, however, the dramas such as the opera house genre are still standing strong to this day. It evolves into its distinct genres, with opera singing, dramatic music, and more intricate roles, as well as a storyline over the year.

·         Television era: Telenovela

With the invention of the radio, and television, dramas became more widespread, and many people could then watch dramas. Dramas and operas that were limited to a certain group of people, now have become more widespread, and available for anyone, especially with the invention of commercial television.

Television drama culture then became very popular over the years, and television dramas also called telenovelas or soap operas. Television dramas have their distinct characteristics, a bit more different than cinematic dramas.

·         Cinematic and DVD era

Cinematic dramas or movies has older than television dramas, as the invention of Cinematic movies has been invented way back then in the 19th century. As such, the movies and cinematic culture have developed into their own drama culture.

In the early 20th century, the DVD era impacted our way to watch dramas. CD and DVD, enabling more people to watch movies and dramas anywhere and anytime, letting people essentially have a home cinema set up in their house.

Even to this day, you sometimes could see many CDs and DVDs still being used, watched, and enjoyed, even though most movies have stopped producing DVDs.

·         Digital and Blu-ray era

With the invention of the internet, the world has become a closer space, it would then evolve into the digital age that affects many things, including how we watch dramas. Dramas becoming digitalized content, where everyone could watch dramas from anywhere, and anytime, with many different devices such as computers, android, and from TV.

The dramas themselves evolve from the DVD format, into Blu-ray format, which suits more in the digital age. The Blu-ray format could be shared, downloaded, and watched on the internet, over time it would then exist along with other cinematic stages, and television format kinds of dramas.

This is the current era, where dramas and movies could be watched on many different devices, and everyone could enjoy watching dramas more freely than before, regardless of time, place, and money. This is truly the best time for anyone to explore the different cultures of dramas, different collections of movies, and different genres of a cinematic universe.

Over the millennia, people have to innovated and create more intricate technology in how they produce and watch dramas. As such it is quite interesting to see the development of how we watch dramas right up to this day.

Music and Sound Effects Engineering In Chinese Drama


When you watch dramas or movies, doesn’t matter if it is Hollywood dramas, Korean dramas, or Chinese dramas, many things are happening at the same time. The scene, how actor and actresses play their role, their costumes, their expressions, the choices of role, storyline, music, and sound effect as well. These are little different aspects of what makes drama could enhance their watcher.

One aspect that sometimes gets overlooked, but could be a very important element in drama, is its music and sound effects. The choices of OST, how it fits well with the scene inside the drama, and how it could enhance the scene into more engrossing and could enchant whoever watches the drama, this time we will delve further into the music and sound effects engineering in Chinese drama

The Importance Of Music and Sound Effect In Dramas

Music and sound effect are an essential element in dramas, it is used to build up an ambiance inside the scenery, enhancing the overall impact of each scene, as well as creating long-lasting tension. It also could set up the mood, and make characters could easily portray the emotions that they play. Music choices in themselves should always be compatible with the scene situations and ambiance it builds.

As for sound effects, it is used to create more realistic scenes in it, creating an immersing world where we can see, feel, and hear all sorts of sound effects inside one movie. This in turn would create a more engaging, realistic experience inside the drama, even though most of the time, music and sound effect weren’t the main focus of each watcher.

The Impact Of Music and Sound Effects On Drama

Music can shape the different ambiance of the scene, elevating the usual scenes in dramas, to become more exciting, creating a better atmosphere, and ultimately increasing the experience of dramas in themselves. What’s more, it could also have a profound impact on the dramas and could make dramas more enjoyable, yet with the poor choice of music it could also make them less enjoyable.

The first profound impact of music is to make a suitable ambiance for the genres. For example, if you are watching horror dramas, then you might notice the subtle uses of music, and how they create horror, feels of fear, dread, and unknown, and how they would build up suspense just by sound engineering and music, especially to build up jump scare.

When watching romance dramas, the sounds, and music that accompanies the actor or actresses need to enhance the feeling of romance, enabling music to enhance the current ambiance, while also not blocking the profound impact of each actor or actress.

So, In Conclusion

Not only music is used to build up the ambiance, and create a better atmosphere for the overall story, but it could also be used to foreshadow events, build up the world set inside the movies, or even signaling on different tone changes in one scene. Music and well-timed and well-made sound effects could be used to convey important information to the watcher.

Music is an important tool, and it would also make powerful storytelling tools, as such, the importance of music and sound effect in dramas couldn’t be underestimated. Some might say, that without music or sound effect, the drama and movies would feel flat, and it would be a lot strange, especially without the proper music and sound engineering.

Like for example, in Chinese drama, the use of music, and sound effect usually accompanies, and enrich the scene, enabling them to build up the ambiance, and in the end, it would create a truly memorable scene, and impactful experience.

The Effects Of Movies On Mental Health



Do you love watching movies or dramas? Whether it is on your phone, laptop, PC, or watching on TV, many people love watching dramas, and over the years, it has had a regular fanbase, from many different genres, and types of movies, as well as dramas.

If we are going to talk about the history of dramas, as well as movies, then it would take a very long time to discuss it completely. However, what we are going to talk about right now, is how dramas and movies could help you develop good mental health, reduce stress and anxiety, as well as improving your mood.

The Positive Effects Of Movies On Your Mental Health

Movies, and drama cinematic can have quite a significant impact on mental health, as they can relieve stress, and anxiety, as well as entertain you through your boredom. There are many positive and negative effects of watching movies, and most of them could be attributed to your mental health condition.

On the positive side, the movies allow for escapism, allowing for people who are tired of seeing the boring old world, to be immersed into a brand-new world, escaping reality. It can be good things when you want to immerse in brand new settings, find a lot of motivation inside it, teach individuals that struggle with mental health, and give them hope, and resilience.

Not only that, the positive effects of movies could bring about more motivation, and inspiration. Watching dramas, movies, and comedic movies could make for a better sense of motivation, comfort, and understanding, and we may see characters that experience hardships but would conquer that hardship, so it motivates us to do better in the real world.

On the negative effects of movies on mental health, there are a few adverse effects that could be attributed to the addiction to watching movies and dramas. If you watch movies with genres of horror and violence, sometimes it could trigger fear, anxiety, or even traumatic experiences for an individual.

However, the violence and fearful responses could sometimes cause addiction, due to the dopamine and adrenaline reaction. This is also what makes people could get addicted to watching horror movies or liking adrenaline extreme sports for example.

In addition, movies that could incite violence and harmful behavior could harm mental health, especially when individuals itself has shown the adverse effect of mental illness. This, in turn, would make watching too many dramas, especially those that have horror, or violent effects could affect your mental health in negative ways.

What You Match Matters The Most

What you watch will shape you to become a better or a bit worse person, so anything you have seen may have passive adverse effects, this also includes what type of movies you watch. We know, that something you watch is just, well entertainment, but like it or not, when you are addicted to movies, it could have quite adverse effects on your behavior and mental health in the long run.

For example, watching a lot of series about violence, and horror doesn’t mean that you will get into horror, or become violent in itself, but it can induce fear, paranoia, and anxiety itself that could affect your health. It is better to watch horror or violent movies when you are fine with your mental health and capable of making the best decision on your own.

In the meantime, if you want to chill, heal yourself, try to relieve stress, or just escaping on the real world by watching dramas of your own, then you could also try out the comedic drama, or romance dramas. This way, it could relieve your stress, and become more relaxed, and chill.

So, Conclusion

In conclusion, the effects of watching movies and dramas are complex, and multifaceted, as well as has in itself adverse effects from different perspectives. On one side, movies could be one of the best sources of entertainment, source of inspiration, and they could provide comfort to the watcher.

However, they can also induce much greater negative impact, such as addiction, and they could then perpetuate many negative stereotypes, including escapism. So, you would need to approach movies and the cinematic universe mindfully.

Why Watching Dramas and Movies are Addictive


Dramas and movies can be quite addictive things to watch, while at the same time, providing escapism for people who just want to relax, enjoy, and see more inspiring, more adventurous scenes in their life instead of just boring plain old life. There are some reasons why watching movies and dramas could be addictive and sometimes can cause you few adverse effects both positive and negative effects.

Have you ever wondered, how you could sit back and watch dramas unfold, and when you haven’t realized it, you would have already spent more than 12 hours sitting and watching dramas all along, wasting one season of dramas in one sitting as well? This means, that watching dramas might have already been your addiction as well.

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Reasons Why Watching Dramas Can Be Quite Addictive

When watching dramas and movies that you truly loved, sometimes you would just lose the track of time, Watching from dawn to dusk, and without realizing it, watching more than two seasons already in one sitting. This might be something that many people could relate to when watching their favorite movies, and TV series, including dramas, and many more.

There are many reasons why watching dramas can be a quite addictive activity, this includes the entertainment that you get from dramas, inspiration, and many more. Experts have already done much extensive research regarding how watching dramas and moves could harm health, as well as how addicting they could be.

So, here are a few reasons why watching dramas can be quite addictive such as:

·         Movies and drama can be very entertaining

Movies and drama themselves are entertainment, which means that they are created, written, and produced to fulfill the demand for entertainment, not to mention the variety of genres, and entertainment itself in its movies. This is why it can be quite addictive because movies essentially are designed to entertain, and how you can watch them all day long when you like the movies.

However, it all depends on the different genres that you have watched, as well as what kind of movie titles you have watched.

·         Dramas and TV Series are designed in episodes

Have you ever wondered, why a lot of dramas and TV series are created, and then separated per episode, and each season of the drama consists of around 12 to 24 episodes? Each episode usually is 30 to 60 minutes long, and with 12 episodes, it is approximately around 12 hours of watching time.

Even though 12 hours long watching time is very long, you haven’t felt tired at all when you watch in one sitting, have you ever wondered about that? This is mostly because it is separated into each episode, and each episode sometimes ended up with a cliffhanger, making us thirst to watch the continuities of dramas, and ended up watching more and more until the ending.

·         It is relaxing, fun, and chill to watch movies

Watching movies are relaxing, and fun activity, especially if it is comedic movies where you could just burst out laughing. It is also a good way to spend time with your friends and family, while not having to worry about anything. This quality time, spending time watching comedic dramas with your friends and family can sometimes be addictive.

·         Watching thrilling dramas can be quite addictive due to the adrenaline

Some people are also addicted to watching a thriller, or horror movie, they enjoy the thrill and pumping up adrenaline in their heads. Adrenaline would also then cause Dopamine production, and Dopamine is a hormone that causes happiness and relaxation. This is why even though adrenaline-pumping movies can induce fear and thrill, people could still enjoy them thoroughly.

There are also many other reasons why watching movies and dramas could be thrilling, and addictive activities. Watching movies, playing games, or basically, any other entertainment is designed to give you a thrill, sometimes escapism, and give you a reason to watch more.

10 Reasons to Watch Chinese Dramas and Movies


Are you familiar with Chinese dramas? Or are you only familiar with Korean dramas? Whenever you want to try something new or want to see different cultures and interesting movies, then you should try out Chinese dramas and movies. If you are familiar with dramas and love to watch how the dramas and the stories unfold, then you should try out fancy Chinese dramas.

Watching dramas can be fun, what’s more, it is always fun to talk about the dramas, discuss the ending of each movie, and read out the fan theories that leave you questioning the movie itself. Looking for a Chinese drama discussion, review, and ending discussion, as well as a translation of the Chinese novels? Then you would have come to the right place here.

Reasons Why You Should Watch Chinese Dramas and Movies

Watching dramas and movies can be a fun activity, not only to watch while you are alone and bored, but you can watch them together with your friends and family. Many different genres and stories could be enjoyed, from romance, mysteries, slice of life, historical dramas, costume dramas, comedy, and many more genres that could be explored in Chinese dramas.

Furthermore, watching dramas could also be beneficial for mental health, and give you more expression, as well as exposure to Chinese culture. So, here are a few reasons and benefits of watching Chinese dramas and movies.

1.      It is fun and addictive to watch dramas

Watching dramas can be fun, and also very addictive, especially when you are watching together with your friends. It is great to watch addictive dramas, especially when watching fun and comedic dramas. Many popular dramas are addictive and can be watched together with your friends.

When you are bored and don’t have anything to do, then watching new dramas, and movie series can be a great way to spend your time.

2.      It is an easy, cheap, and comfortable activity

When watching Chinese dramas, you can watch from many sources, including television, and online streaming platforms. Regardless, thanks to the internet, now it is very easy, and cheap to watch Chinese dramas, not only that it can be a comfortable way to get movies and dramas regardless of your platform.

3.      Great way to spend time with your family and friends

Watching Chinese drama together with your family and friends can be a great way to help chill and relax together. It is a great way to bond together with your friends and family, depending on the type, genre, and movies that are suitable for movies that you could watch together. The best type of movies to watch together such as the comedic, and slice-of-life dramas.

4.      Great way to spend free time

Whenever you are in your free time, or in a bad mood, then you might want to check out new dramas. It is a great way to spend your free time, and finishing one episode of drama usually takes more than 30 to 60 minutes. Whenever you are free or looking for something to do over the weekend, then how about laying back, chilling, relaxing, and setting up your Chinese drama home theater?

5.      Giving you exposure to the Chinese culture

Even if you don’t understand a bit about Chinese culture and language, by watching Chinese dramas and movies, you could better understand how Chinese culture, how Chinese people live every day in their lives, and how the history behind Chinese culture. It provides more insight into Chinese culture, and we can learn more and more as we watch further.

6.      You could learn more about Chinese actors and actress

When watching Chinese dramas, you could learn more about various Chinese actors, and actresses, what kind of roles they have played so far, and what movies they play the most. Some actors and actresses are also prominently featured in many genres of Chinese dramas. Who knows, you might discover some new Chinese idols while watching random Chinese dramas.

You also get insight into the actor or actress’s performance, and how they are acting in each of the movies, performing the best in each genre.

7.      Listening and Watching dramas are great ways to learn the language

Do you want to learn Chinese or Mandarin, even if you don’t have much training in Mandarin, when you watch Chinese dramas and movies, you would be exposed to the Mandarin language, and Chinese characters. It would be an excellent way to passively train your Mandarin, even when you aren’t aware of it.

It is essentially letting your hearing sense be more accustomed, and reflect on it passively, then remembering it even when you aren’t aware that you are learning Mandarin.

8.      Watching dramas can soothe your mood and relieve anxiety

It is a relaxing activity, and watching dramas could soothe your mood, relieve your anxiety, and calm your mind. It proves to have positive effects on the mood, making you less stressed, and generally leaving you in a better mood.

When you are in bad mood, you could try out comedic drama, lighthearted comedy, or slice-of-life action in the dramas.

9.      Watching dramas can be beneficial for mental health

Many people don’t realize that watching dramas can be beneficial for your mental health. Not only does it let you be more expressive, but it also trains you to be more empathetic toward others, toward how other people feel, and towards how the actors or actress feels.

As you learn more about the story and the movie by themselves, not only you will get entertained, but it would also greatly benefit your mood and mental health.

10.  You might want to try out new genres

When watching Chinese dramas, you might want to try out seeing new dramas and genres. Everyone has their favorite dramas, and each person has their taste. Watching Chinese dramas can be a great way to find out new genres, or new preferences that you might like, and discover something new in the movies, and dramas.